Out of Character Rules
-- Please be respectful of all other members. If you have an issue with someone, please contact an Admin.
-- No godmodding or metagaming. You play with your own characters. You do not play anyone else's characters unless permission is given. Admins reserve the right to step in if godmodding/metagaming is in use.
-- The rating is 18+. That means while language can be used, it should not be excessive. While adult and sexual content is permitted, please tag posts that are excessive in adult/sexual content or violence.
-- Players should be 17 or older. If you are younger, you are entering at your own risk.
-- All bios must be filled in, regardless if the character is a PC or NPC. If your bio isn't filled in within seven days, Admins will continue to ask you to fill it in.

In-Character Rules
-- When creating a character, please fill out all pertinent information in the character bio. You will not need to upload images until your character has been approved.
-- If you cannot finish your profile, please let us know by tagging in the "sample post" section. Your character will be approved enough to allow you 7 days to finish your profile.
-- Military characters should be Land (Marine) based. Because there are few piloting roles, Air Force characters will be restricted.
-- While Admins do not enforce a particular number of posts per week, we do require all department heads and team leaders to keep on top of plot posts. If you are inactive for two weeks during a plot, you will be removed from said plot until you can be active again.
-- If your character has been both inactive and has not logged in for at least one month, your character will be made a NPC character and/or deleted and their position will be reopened.
-- Posts should be made in past tense, third-person.
-- You are permitted three characters. If you would like additional characters, your other characters must be actively posting or involved in joint posts.
-- All race creation is to go through the Admins. Do not create a race of people without getting the all-clear from the Admins. They will need to fit into the site canon, not the other way around.
-- Do not break the space-time continuum. All that is set in prior posts will be set in future posts.