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Sergeant Jon Jameson

Name Jon "JJ" Jameson

Position Infiltration Specialist

Rank Sergeant

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 35
Nationality English

Physical Appearance

Height 5'10"
Weight 12 st, 6
Hair Color blonde/short
Eye Color Grey/blue
Physical Description Jon "JJ" Jamison is a stocky man with the athletic build of a middleweight boxer with close cropped dirty blonde hair and a jutting pugnacious jaw. His once proud romanesque nose has been broken several times and he has an unkempt look due to his near permanant stubbled jaw. His grey/blue eyes are near hidden by heavy brows. He has a noticable scar along his jawline and hsi right hear looks gnarled and chewed.


Spouse None (ex-Sharlene James-Jamison)
Children Son Jacob (aged twelve)
Father General Henry Jamison (retired)
Mother Margarette Jamison (ne Jones) deceased
Brother(s) Captain Henry 'Rupert' Jamison (MIA presumed deceased in Afghanistan)
Sister(s) None
Other Family Various cousins etc.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Jon JJ Jamison is a gruff, no-nonsense type of man. He is a tough individual with a reputation as a hard fighter both on and off duty. He is intelligent, witty and a teller-of-tales (mostly true) especially over a couple of beers.
A good if gruff man, with a professional soldiers attitude to risk and danger as just part of the job (rather than anything to do with heroics).
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths:
Physically and tough.
Well read and intelligent.
Speaks German and Arabic and has a linguistic knack of learning/understanding languages.
Well trained with most battlefield weapon types.
Trained in desert and arctic survival.

Not good with authority figures.
Can be argumentative/unruly (especially if drinking)
Language can be colourful and is never afraid to speak his mind.
Likes to gamble/bet.
Short tempered.
Ambitions None as yet
Hobbies & Interests Fanatic Liverpool FC football fan.
Fencing (with epee and sabre) [was a substitute for the Olypic Team]

Personal History Jon JJ Jamison comes from a military family, the youngest son of a (now retired) British Army General. His formative years were usually away from the UK at army bases in Europe, the Middle East and further afield wherever his father was based. As such he had an early experience with languages and other cultures which he embraced.

It was a given that Jon would join the British Army following a good if not spectacular schooling (having been expelled from on school). He gained decent enough grades and enlisted in the Army follwing his seventeenth birthday.

Already used to the Army way of life and living with/around soldiers he took to the Army life like a fish to water. He enlisted with the Cheshire Regiment and had a roller-coaster couple of years being promoted and demoted with regular occasion.

It was not until he met Colonel Max Arnold ex-xommander of the world-famous SAS that he found his true calling following a course in desert warfare. Arnold kept an eye on Jamison and entrusted him with his own brand of honour. Under Arnold's care and supervision Jamison trained for selection for the SAS (which involves various tough route marches and specialised tough challenges both physical and mental).

At this time on leave in Sidney he fell in love and, in a whirlwind romance, married an Australian one Sharlene James. The marriage was a mistake from the start both volatile as they both had firy tempers though this quietened down follwing the birth of their son.

On his second attempt Jon was succesfull and was enroled in the SAS (see Service Record below). His professional career continued as he quickly embraced life in the 'Regiment' though to the detriment to his marriage and personal life (which was toxic) as he was constantly away from his then home (in Derbyshire, England). Sharlene had a relationship witha fellow Australian who, when disocvering the profession and nature of her husband, quickly dissapeared from the scene. There followed a toxic divorce in which Sharlene gained control of access to their young son, Jacob.

Jon threw himself into his Army life volunteering for every hazrdous duty that took him as far from the UK and memories of his failed marriage.
Service Record 6 Years Cheshire Regiment, British Army.
(Trained in Desert and Artic Warfare/Survival, Heavy Weapons support)
1 Year with the Rapid Response Unit (Europe)
Trained for selection for the SAS (Special Air Service).
Succeeded on second attempt at selection for SAS.
1 Years further training in counter insurgency tactics.
2 Years Desert Warfare School (undisclosed location, Middle East)
Further training with battlefield communications and close air support techniques.
Promoted within the SAS to rank of Sargeant.
2 Tours in Afghanistan (undisclosed)
1 Tour counter-insurgency Mayanmar.
2 Tours Iraq/Syria (with Kurdish Pashmurga and YPD)

Requested to SGC.