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Major James Howlett

Name James Logan Howlett

Position Team Leader

Second Position Executive Officer

Rank Major

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 38
Nationality American

Physical Appearance

Height 1.85m
Weight 90.7 kg
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description James is a tall athletic man. He tends to keep his physical appearance to military standards, but has decided since they are going to permanently be at a FoB to go with a more civilian look not to put the Civvies off.


Spouse NA
Children Alex Howlett (Deceased)- Son - 19
Father Andrew Howlett
Mother Madiline Howlett
Brother(s) Victor Howlett - 42
Sister(s) Anna Howlett - 29
Other Family Kathrine Jansen - Baby Momma

Personality & Traits

General Overview James is an easygoing guy but takes his job very seriously.
Strengths & Weaknesses - Tactical
- Pilot
- Decisive

- Pushy
- Arrogant
Ambitions To get away from Earth
Hobbies & Interests Camping
Music (Guitar)
Manchester United Fan
USA Rugby Fan

Personal History James was born in to a middle class family in Minot, North Dakota. His father was a Air Force pilot on B-52s. He had to grow up tough as his brother had an abusive personality and would often secretly push him around. This stopped when James finally stood up to his brother when he was picking on their little sister. This resulted in a fight and James ended up in the Hospital with a concussion, Victor was taken away and served in a juvenile facility. That lead to Victors list of crimes. James on the other hand decided never again and decided to protect others. James knocked up is High School Girlfriend, he was willing to marry her but she refused. It turned out she just wanted someone to provide for her. She took him to court and got his parental rights removed and ensured he would pay for her living. He went to college and joined the ROTC program at Minot State University, graduating with a degree in General Studies. With the recommendation of his father and completion of the ROTC program he was accepted into the Air Force as a 2nd Lieutenant. He was able to get visitation rights back when the judge saw he had made something of himself. His son died in a car accident in 16 November 2016 on his 19th birthday.
Service Record 6-03 - Joined Air Force through ROTC, 2nd Lieutenant
6-04 - Completed Basic Pilot Training
8-04 - Completed Training on the T-38 "Talon"
2-04 - Basic Qualification on A-10, Assigned to 25th Fighter Squadron Osan, Korea
6-05 - Promoted to 1st Lieutenant
6-07 - Promoted to Captain, Assigned as Flight Leader
4-09 - Reassigned to 422d Test Evaluation Squadron, Nellis, AFB, NV
7-13 - Picked to join SGC as a F-302 "Kestrel" Pilot
12-14 - Completed 302 Training
6-15 - Promoted to Major
9-16 - Tapped to join a Gate Team
10-16 - Son Died
3-17 - Got to visit Atlantis.
7-18 - Asked by Colonel Webb to join the Othalla Expedition as Gate Team-1 Commander.
11-18 - Stepped through the Gate. Made the Expeditions Vice-Commander.