Name Description
Starbase Midgard When the USS Asgard traveled through the supergate, they found this station waiting for them. They reported back that when they entered it, they found a message for left for them by the Asgard people that included a gate address for the station.
MBP-305 The MBP-305, officially the Mobile Battle Platform or Jupiter-class battlecruiser, is the newest and most-advance class of starcraft constructed by humanity, and is comprised of the latest breakthroughs from the various Alliance races to ensure maximum firepower and durability.
Puddle Jumper Puddle Jumpers are small spacecraft created by the Ancients. Several of these ships were discovered in various hangars in Atlantis, and are used by the Atlantis expedition for various purposes. Puddle Jumpers feature retractable thrusters that allow them to travel through a Stargate, as well as powerful Drone weapons for self-defense and a cloaking device to avoid detection. They are operated via neural interface, and so the Ancient Technology Activation gene is required to activate and pilot the ship.

The name "Puddle Jumper" is a combination of a visual pun on the ship's ability to travel through the event horizon of a Stargate (an action also referred to as "Threading the Needle"), which resembles a pool of water, and a reference to the slang term 'puddle-jumper' on earth, which means a small plane intended for short distance flights. It was coined by Major John Sheppard, an experienced pilot, who found a serendipitous double meaning when describing the craft.