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Staying up to date

Posted on Fri Nov 18th, 2016 @ 1:34am by Civilian Petra Kerr & Colonel Mike Webb

Mission: Exploration of Midgard Base
Location: Colonel Webb's Office

Petra entered the Colonel's office carrying her tablet with her. She felt confortable enough to take a seat and then waited for the Colonel to finish what he was doing.

Mike finished what he was typing and looked up at Petra. "Update time?"

"Before we start with that, I think we should talk about our past." Petra said.

"It's just that, Petra. The past. We did that mission and started a relationship, but then it ended." Mike replied. "Wait, didn't you know who was leading this Expedition?"

"No, the IOA said it was being led by a Colonel. And the last that I had heard, you were in Pegasus and a Lt Colonel. I didn't know that it was you until I got to the SGC."

"Wow! I knew for a week before you showed up." Mike said. "Can we either talk about this later or just move on?"

"Yes, Colonel." Petra replied.

"Mike or Webb, please." Mike said and then continued, "We have two gate teams ready to go. Everyone is playing double duty for the time being. We have a Satedan leading team 2 and a Wraith as our Chief Engineer. Our Chief Medical Officer has arrived with the second group to come through."

"I know of Viggo Conrade, read his file back on Earth. He accepted a military contract with the Marines and the SGC. The Wraith surprise me."

"According to General Oneill, no one else wanted him. Everyone in Pegasus is scared by what and who he is." Webb said looking up at Petra and seeing concern, "The Vaccine the Dr Keller came up with works. It became mandatory for all SGA personell and I'm going to recomend it to Major Howlett's team."

"I would prefer to meet him with others around." Petra said. "Something about them unnerves me. Is it safe?"

"I've met with him and so has Sgt Forge. He seems to want to actually help. And I'm willing to give him a chance. Plus, if the worst should happen, our weapons were designed to take down a Wraith."


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