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First Trip

Posted on Tue Jan 24th, 2017 @ 11:47pm by Major James Howlett & Colonel Mike Webb & Captain Viggo Conrade & 1st Lieutenant Alexandria Granger MD & Civilian Vlad & 2nd Lieutenant Thomas Lasky & Staff Sergeant Sam Franks & Sergeant Meagan Rice

Mission: Trip through the Gate

James stood before the Gate waiting for his team to arrive. They would be going through their first trip together since arrival in the Othala Galaxy along with Team-2.

Captain Conrade entered the gate area through a passageway that was under the control room with his team. They all had the correct uniforms on and Tac-Vest and the new weaponry that had been sent with the latest crewmembers. "Major, SG-2 is all set."

"Give my team a moment. I am not in a rush, the planet is not going anywhere."

Walking into the Gateroom, Alex was kitted out in all black SGC, her medical pack secure in her belongings. A black cap and her hair bound back into a braid. She looked quite different from the day before in some ways it seemed more natural for her to be dressed like this and that was an oddity in itself as she had not been on any active teams like this. "Ahh, waiting for me I see." Dark orbs studied the gate and she waited patiently. "What do you think we will find on the other side?"

James walked over to the young Doctor and grabbed her vest at the arm opening an pulled, grabbing the security straps and giving them a firm pull, followed by a check on her side arm holster. He stepped around and checked the security of of her backpack, final reaching down and yanking on the med pouch hanging below.

"Not bad." James came around " as for your question who knows."

James placed his hand on her shoulders and spoke in a calm quiet voice so the conversation would be out of normal human hearing.

"I know you are ready for this, but you just qualified yesterday. If things go to shit I want you to keep your head down and revert to your medical training. Get to the Gate and dial home. We all go home or none of us go. Understood?

Nodding she gave him a slight smile.

James smiled "Now deep breath and let the fun begin."

"Thank you Sir." Once he moved away she felt the tension on the straps he had put on her pack so that next time she would make sure it was good to go. Now, they just needed to wait.

A few beats later, Vlad arrived on the scene. Taking full advantage of his status as a 'consultant', he was wearing his usual black longcoat, under which could be seen cargo pants and a utility vest. His equipment was as outlandish as his attire. On top of his standard issue sidearm and a DMR version of the F-5000, a sword hung from his belt and a weapon of decidedly Wraith design was across his back.

With a series of polite nods, the wraith acknowledged the assembled. He could not help noticing Dr. Granger would be among those taking to the stars today. He could only admire the commanding presence the SGC blacks gave her. "Good morning, LT" He said with a smile.

"Good morning Vlad. I see you are ready to go..." Giving him a grin. "That is quite the sword." Nodding to the weapon on the Wraith's back.

"The grip might lead someone to think it's primarily a melee weapon, but it really is an energy rifle. It is however designed to be an efficient melee weapon in a pinch" he explained. Leaning in ever so slightly as to not be overheard among the chatter in the room, he continued. "Seeing as dead...erm... cattle... is useless to the wraith, it is a stun only weapon. Just don't tell anyone. It'd cramp my style" he said with grin and a wink.

Chuckling a little at his remark, Alex nodded understanding, a guy was a guy, even as a Wraith.

Noticing Conrade, Vlad made his best excuses to Lt. Granger. His smile turned to a more formal expression as he approached the Satedan. "I've been meaning to have a word with you, Captain. Perhaps after this assignment, when time allows?"

Viggo looked at the Wraith and had trouble suppressing disgust from his face. "Why?" Viggo asked. "I know that you were sent here and I know why, but I don't see what we have to talk about." Viggo then turned his back to the Wraith and consulted with his team.

Granger didn't like the tension that was now present in the room but she wasn't going to get involved the guys would have to sort this out themselves, she would just be there to patch them up if it went south.

"That's fair enough" Vlad said, unimpressed, and went about-face. He had expected no less. "Then I suppose..." he said, baring part of the blade of his sword to look at it, "I suppose this Wraith will keep his pre '98 Satedan sword" he finished, nonchalantly making his way towards Howlett to inquire about mission specifics.

Conrade heard what he had said and turned around. "How did you come by that sword? Did you kill one of us to get it?" Viggo was getting upset.

Lt Lasky saw the reaction of his CO and moved in front of him, whispering "Sir, this isn't the place." while looking up at the control center at the Colonel.

Alex took a step back from the pair.

Shooting a glance to Lasky, he made clear he had no intention nor desire to let things escalate. He then returned his attention to Conrade. "I certainly did not buy it in a bazaar, captain" he replied. "I was and am, above all things, a soldier. And while you did not voice it, I can read it in your heart that you believe this sword belongs in the hand of a Satedan warrior. And against all odds, this Wraith agrees. The blade is yours, by all rights, and I have taken steps to correct that situation. The rest, I'm afraid, is in your hands". With a curt bow, he resumed his trajectory towards Howlett, and the mission specifics.

Conrade turned around and nodded toward Lasky thanking him for what he did.

Finally facing his team leader, his tone turned official. "My apologies, sir. I wish this formal introduction hadn't come after a scene like this. I... don't know what I expected" he said. "Engineer Vlad, reporting for off-base duty, sir."

"Vlad, next time let's not do things like that before a mission. You know I invited you to my team as a technical expert and SGC sent you here to give you a sense of community and Freedom. Let's not agitate this new alliance of worlds we are forming."

"Sir, with all due respect" Vlad said, standing his ground, "if we are going on a mission together, I do not believe -ignoring- the Captain would have been any wiser. Having an 'elephant in the room' does not foster cooperation. I also have to know if I can trust him to have my back... and now I know what to expect. I have made a gesture of peace, Sir, and surely I cannot be faulted for that". Putting the issue aside, he moved on. "Do we have any mission intel, sir?"

"We are both right on this. As for the mission it is a standard recon after the MALP gave us a go."

"Understood, sir" he simply replied.

With the strained matter settled the Doctor glanced towards the gate and waited for them to move forward.

James turned toward those assembled .

"We will set up a base camp just far enough we can see the Gate but are hidden. Then we will do a five kilometer recon. Once that is complete we will have 72 hours to explore and take samples. We are looking for a possible Alpha Site. Avoid any first contacts. If any problems arise we will rendezvous at the camp and on to the Gate. No heroics, simple mission to get the kinks worked out of the teams. Any Questions?"

"Did the MALP detect the presence of structures within sensor range, or perhaps power sources, significant presence of raw materials?" Vlad asked.

"None visible to the Drone."

James looked up to the control area toward Colonel Webb.

"Ready to go Colonel."

"Teams 1 and 2, you are cleared for departure. Check in every 12 hours." Webb said from the control level. He started to walk away and stopped. "Major, Captain, try not to piss anyone off like we did on Earth and Atlantis."

James gave the thumbs up and watched as the ring before them spun up and came to life. They had Midgards location from the newly opened database and found a series of recommended locations.

Standing next to Conrade and leaning over, speaking only so the teams can hear him "Good luck with that."

Spoken in response to the Colonels admonishment.

"I don't tend to piss people off. They tend to piss me off, sir. But he said it so I'll obey it." Viggo said.

James was the first to step through to anew adventure.

Vlad, remembering the etiquette book he was thrown on his first day on Earth, gestured for Granger to go next. "Ladies first."

With a half smile, the Doctor started walking, knowing that the Wraith would have her back along with the rest of her world. Which made her feel confident. "Thank you, Sir."

Vlad entered the gate without a second thought.

Captain Conrade watched the first team go through and then led his team through.

(Tag All)

----Other Side----

As always the transition was a little cold, but that subsided quickly as the warm spring-like sun shone down from the left of him. Judging by the way the light looked it was shortly after sunrise. Doing a quick sweep James took position near the DHD and listened as the wormhole made the distinctive sound of something coming through.

Stepping through for the second time, the young woman stumbled a little but not like the first time. She had been talking to some of the veterans who had given her tips and such until she became an ole pro at this. "I don't think this will get boring anytime soon." She said while walking forward with caution, staying close to the others.

Emerging from the gate, Vlad moved quickly to take a defensive position on the left side.

Viggo had learned to keep moving when going through the gate, so when he came through he continued down the steps slowing down and then kneeling at the base. He kept his FN-4000 at the ready. When the rest of his team had come through he told them to secure the Gate.

"Team one we are heading for the tree line forty-five degree. Team two will follow when we arrive."

James headed across the 200 meter clearing at a dead sprint. He looked back and saw team two coming up. Upon their arrival he gave the next set of instructions.

"Conrade, secure two defensive positions fifty years from us inside the tree line. once done leave one man at each and we will begin 4 hour rotations."

"Franks, you and I will take first watch. Lasky, Rice help us set up and then head to the campsite

"Vlad, Granger start setting up base camp. Minimal penetration one tent per team, no fire at this point."

"On it." she said quickly as she moved over and began to work on the orders. "What would you like to start with Vlad."

Vlad's first reflex was to follow Granger's lead. She was after all the ranking officer, for one thing, ...and well... the Wraith are used to taking orders from females. The hives are after all ruled by Queens... Hesitating for a fraction of a second, he took in the location. He then spotted a level patch of ground that had the benefit of falling under the shade of massive trees. "That looks like a prime location to set up the tents. With the ground even, it should be comfortable to sleep. The shade will make sure that the temperature within the structures will not get too hot even at the day's height. We're close enough to what looks like prime fire wood. With the rocks over there, we can make a fantastic fire pit that will make sure that, whatever happens, the fire will not spread to the surrounding areas... I think we have a great location. We should set up the tents first so whatever other gear we have can be stored."

James reached up and squeezed the key on his brick. "Gate Teams to Command. We have arrived and secured the site."

"Very good, Major. Check in in 12 hours unless you're back already."

Unpacking and setting up the tents wasn't a hard job to do it was fairly quick and the pair worked together easily enough as each one was grounded and secured. Once that was done they began work on the small pit for the fire but they did not start it. As ordered while they were doing that the doctor spoke to the alien. "When you found out you were coming here what did you expect?" her tone was low so as to still allow them to hear things going on around them.

For a moment, the question gave him pause. "Nothing specific, I suppose" he began. "Nothing, and yet everything. Here or anywhere else, the SGC is the same. I did not expect things to be much different. I was not familiar with the Asgard. Interesting little buggers, but I was never familiar with them to begin with, so nothing specific to expect there either" he explained. "On the other hand," he then said his gaze meeting hers, "there is a whole galaxy out here who does not fear the Wraith as a default position, and that changes everything".

"Yes, that does."

Turning the question on her, "What did -you- expect?" Vlad asked.

"Adventure..." she said with a half smile.

- Day 1 -

It was already noon and team one was on its third circuit around the camp. They had mapped out the five kilometer edge and rotated with team two and then each time moved in by a thousand meters. They had traveled over 20 Kilometers through forest, open fields, small streams and rock hills. The Flora and Fauna were not that much different than the forests of the Midwest US. They finally finished the circuit and had clocked 23 kilometers, the next few circuits would take an exponentially decreasing time they would be likely done by local 1500.

"Viggo, there has been nothing to see It is a peaceful place."

"First trip and no bad guys? Must be a first." Viggo said and then continued, "Sir, this might make a good Alpha site."

"I agree, but maybe we got lucky. However, I tend to believe planets are abandoned for a reason."

"From what I've read, this galaxy isn't as big as Pegasus or the Milky Way. And maybe the Ancients didn't seed humans on planets here like they did in Pegasus."

"Yeah, Be safe. See you in about thirty minutes."

"Confirmed, see you in thirty." Viggo said and motioned for Franks to continue.

James turned toward his team.

"Alright Campers, Take a break get some lunch and use the head. That's about all we have time for. So far I would say it is pretty peaceful and tomorrow we can start some in depth collecting for the Whitecoats at Midgard. "

"Sir, I would like to go with the next team, see what sort of animals I might be able to catalog." Alex asked.

"Catalog away, Lieutenant. However, we will be making a full formal Fauna observation tomorrow."

"As a whole team then?" Smiling this appeared to please the young woman. "Fair enough."

"I will be right back, It is time for a check-in with command."

Walking into the clearing James strode to the Gate and Dialed up Midgard. The Gate came up with its characteristic vortex and settled into a gentle ripple.

"Howlett to Midgard."

"How's the weather out there, Major" Webb replied.

"The Mapping survey is going well. When we finish we will be done for the day and will begin Geological, Hydrological and Biological Sampling."

"Sounds good. What else?"

"The Sensing equipment is up and recording the unseen planetary data and the visual systems are recording the sky for stellar comparison and system calculations. It is strange being in a Binary system around a gas giant."


"The Meteorological gear says we may have a storm late tonight. So far I would green light this place as a possible Alpha and RR location."

"Excellent news. I'll pass that on to Kerr. Keep safe and call back in 12 hours."

"Understood, Sir. I have to go Team two should be back from their Circuit."

"Midgard out."

"Howlett out."

James turned the equipment off gave the MALP a cursory glance and returned to base camp. He arrived in time to see Captain Conrade and his team coming down the path they had already tramped down.

"Anything Captain?"

"Nothing sir. We saw some animals prints but that was it. We did not pick up anything on scans. This place is dead. Personally, it's a bit creepy. Back home, a planet like this would have humans on it. Or would have had, if the Wraith hadn't killed them all. But here, nothing."

- Day 2 -

James stood up from the six man table that had been set up. The MRE while leaving something to be desired had filled the hole and at least the Ham and Eggs were not Green. James looked forward tot eh mix of MREs sent from all the countries involved in the SG Program, for field operations. It had been decided to hand them out randomly as no one gets a superior item.

Turning toward Sergeants Franks and Rice.

"Franks, Rice when your done go relieve the sentries so they can have a sit down."

"Yes, sir." They responded in unison.

"Thank you. Viggo you will take one of your troops into the far circuit and take Geological Samples, Vlad You will take Johansen and hit up the local rivers for Hydrological Samples. Granger and I will head out and set up Weather equipment at range. We will all be responsible to log any Flora and Fauna as we head out. Observations and pictures please. Be back at base camp at 1800 local, radios in ear only. We don't want to disturb anything. Again, No First contact. Any Obvious Sentients you are to report immediately and fall back to the Camp. Any Questions?"

Johansen for a moment seemed as if she would raise an objection, but a look at Howlett was all she needed to see her request denied without a word spoken.

Vlad, deciding that he would not be needing his longcoat and utility vest for a hydrological survey, took them off and neatly placed them in his team's tent. He then picked up a backpack he had prepared for just such an occasion and which he slung over one shoulder. He then procured an SGC hat to protect himself from the sun. Grabbing his F-5000 he was set to go.

Viggo took a team member and started his geological walk. He let the scientist do their job while he kept an eye around them.

James grabbed the back pack and threw it over his shoulder. " alright everyone lets move out."

- Three hour later Team A -

James and Granger had walked along the river which had diminished to a stream and then finally to the creek they walked beside now. They could see the top of the large hill that would hold the third weather station and allow an accurate and reliable reading of the local data.

James nudged Granger and pointed to the tree line. There was a small bunny like creature with its nose wiggling in its paws. Less than ten feet behind the animal was an animal reminiscence of a fox stalking the smaller creature.

Lifting her head and gazing towards the creatures the woman slowed to a stop then with a cat-like grace she dug, without looking, into her pack and drew out a small hand-held camera/video device, switched it on and began to record the scene before them. Everything appeared normal, just your standard predator vs prey scenario and the Doctor was immune to things like this; nothing to see here.

Suddenly the 'fox' jumped and the next moment was filled with blood and a yelp. When the flash of movement stopped the 'rabbit' was standing over the 'fox' with the canids throat in it's mouth of razor sharp teeth that would make a Wraith proud. The 'Rabbit' proceeded to devour the other predator.

The grizzly scene made Granger blink and she grimaced slightly, simply from the unexpected result of the melee between the pair. Shaking her head silently she continued to observe and record internally she was stunned and repelled somewhat.

"I think the Predator just got mimicked. " Spoken with a quiet sound of concern.

"Just a little..." came her soft voice. It was at that moment in which the 'rabbit' paused. It lifted it's head, a second later a long string of blood dripped oozed back down to shower it's meal.

Glancing over at her partner, then back at the scene she wondered if they had startled it somehow. Maybe it had caught their scent. This was the unknown factor.

The creature's eyes scanned with an intensity that seemed to defy what one could or would have expected yet it didn't seem scared. There was the slightest hint of movement in the nose, yet the rest of the body remained still, it sensed something?

Maybe it was something with the camera so Granger shut it off and soundlessly lowered it, slipping it into a pocket.

The creature seemed to remain in this stance for a long time, then with a suddenness then turned it's head away from them. It let out a screech that filled the air, turning back it snatched up it's food and it sped away as if running for it's life.

Listening intently Granger thought she heard something, she closed her eyes for a moment and tried to listen harder. Something was coming closer, the crashing and crunching of brush could be distantly heard. Whatever it was gave the distinct impression that it lumbered to move yet it was fast enough to send chills down one's spine as it gave off a high pitched call of some sort. It was deafening and Granger covered her ears.

With no other warnings the wooded area before them crashed into a million pieces, wood, plant, dirt, rock and all manner of debris was pelting the surrounding area. What emerged was more frightening than anything Granger had ever seen.

There, before them, scanning the clearing that the 'rabbit' had been in stood a completely brown furred, bi-pedal creature which had a bear head with upward fangs jutting up from the lower jaw and large beady eyes that were now searching for the fresh kill it had smelled. It had to be at least be 7 ft tall and it seemed really irked that it was finding nothing but a small pool of blood in the area. Both of the team members were assaulted with a scent that likened to spoiled milk and rank feet mixed into one potent odor.

Granger's jaw dropped and she didn't even think she screamed at the sight, she was sure she didn't, did she? She was sure she didn't but she knew internally she was screaming her head off as her mind fought to regain command of her actions in those seconds after the beast arrived. One thing she knew she said was. "Crap...."

James saw the beast, it was something out of a medieval nightmare. He reached over and placed his hand over her mouth, then slowly eased off and gave the signal for a slow retreat. He watched in his peripheral for Granger and stopped slowly back with his hand on his EG-X1. If this thing decided to hunt them he was not going to give it a chance.

The Doctor began moving with her team mate as the reality of this situation hit her.

A loud growl came from the creature as it lifted it's head and began to sniff the air. It was at this time that a collar was visible on the animal's neck. It belonged to someone.

"Look at that.." she said quietly to James.

"Is that what I think it is?"

"Who has a pet that looks like that thing?" mused the woman as a horrified chill ran through the woman as they moved back further, seconds seemed like hours as they moved trying to remain silent.

A shift in the animal's body was the first hint that it no longer was zeroed in on the 'rabbit' but something else.

Alex wasn't a gun enthusiast but this wasn't yogi bear they were trying to hide from either and she instinctively placed a hand on her weapon and unsnapped the strap that held it in place. They weren't far enough away though for anyone's comfort. She signaled heading down a steep hill in hopes of throwing the creature off.

It went down on all fours and lumbered in the general direction of the pair, then it began to run and although, there was some space between them, it didn't appear to be enough. If possible Alex was confident they wouldn't kill the beast still if it came down to their lives or it....

The Doctor began to run, branches and leaves flying into her face as they retreated.

James followed behind the Doctor for a few seconds. He knew they would never outrun this thing do it was time for a different tactic. Spinning around James fired off his EG-X1 at the ground, rock and trees right in front and near the 'bear'. The creature stopped as the world around it exploded from the Energy Impacts. After a few moments James stopped firing and the air cleared, through the shattered rocks, smoking ground and trees with smoldering marks he saw the animal lumbering off.

"Let's go before it changes its mind and decides we are worth the effort.."

Before he could finish she was already backing up silently and easily. "Not arguing with you."

"Yeah, I hope you got good recordings of this. 'Cause if we are going to make this an Alpha, we are going to need some precautions now."

"I might have caught one shot but I was too busy fleeing for my life." As they cleared the area she now continued to be vigilant watching for any other, creatures. She would be glad to return to base.


- Team B

Captain Conrade was not really liking his assignment, but followed orders. He preferred to be in action. Which was why he decided to join the Midgard expedtition. All this science stuff bored him. While the scientist was gathering samples, he examined the ground for tracks. He liked to hunt. He started to wish that he brought his bow with him instead of leaving it back on Midgard. He then made a mental note to always carry it..


Team C

"So... Johansen..." Vlad said, breaking the uneasy silence on the trail they were following towards a river, heading Northwest by West. "I don't recognize that patch, but you're not American. Or Russian for that matter. Where are you from?" he asked.

Johansen, not entirely pleased with the assignment, considered not responding. She was in no way obligated to interact with the "leech". He was after all not a superior, or even an officer at all. "Norway" she finally said, figuring she might as well say something. It might be a long day and the prospect of spending it in silence did not appeal much to her after all.

"I've never heard of Norway. Is it a nation of warriors?" Vlad asked, trying to keep conversation going.

Still uneasy, Johansen did her best to keep it out of her voice as she replied. "I suppose you could say that. Warrior-poets who would write epics and sagas of their journeys and victories. There was a time the sight of the great dragon ships of my ancestors sent terror tingling down the spines of the bravest men. They were known as the Vikings."

"Ships you say?" Vlad asked, curious.

Her reservations slowly fading, Johansen almost smiled. "Yes, roughly a thousand years ago, they built large ships adorned with the features of fantastical creatures to instill fear in their enemies. Great wooden ships that could accomodate almost a hundred warriors each."

"Was... Norway... often under attack? They were proud defenders?" Vlad pressed, curious, for one thing, but keeping his questions open as open-ended so that they could not be easily answered by a yes or a no, trying to get Johansen more involved.

Johansen chuckled. "Nothing so noble. The Vikings were expert seafarers and explorers, but their motives were less than noble, I suppose. They were raiders" she explained.

Vlad smiled and nodded and they arrived by the river. "Very interesting" he replied as they unpacked their equipment to take samples. "And you say they wrote epics of their deeds?" he asked.

"Yes" she replied, taking a sampling of the water into a vial. She then poured it into a small hand-held device which began to make tests. One of the first indications she recieved was that there were no significant contaminants present in the river. "They were known as Sagas. Like the Saga of the Greenlanders and the Saga of Erik the Red sadly, I am a geologist and not a historian. There isn't much I can tell you about those" she went on to say before re-filing the vial and taking a swig, indicating the water was proper for consumption. She placed the device on the ground before sitting under a tree. "The device cannot be moved as that might affect the analysis. We're going to be here for an hour or so before moving on to the next location" she added.

Nodding in acknowledgement, Vlad produced a cylindrical device from his backpack. He then proceeded to take off the top, and what looked like a filter from the device. Removing a small packet from the cup-like top part, he used it to fill the device with water. He poured the contents of the small packet into the filter before placing it back into the contraption. "This device is probably less advanced than yours, but it only takes a few minutes to get results" he replied with a smile as he pressed a button and the device activated.

Johansen looked at the strange device, then at the Wraith, puzzled.

Ignoring the inquiring look, Vlad relaunched the conversation. "You said your people were fierce and feared raiders. That hardly seems the sort of conduct that would lead to endeavours in co-operation like the Stargate Program..." he said.

"Things and times have changed, and so have we. Over time, we took advantage of trade and learned the value of allies and friendships. Our inquisitive nature remains, but we have turned our interests to conquering the unknown rather than other peoples. Today, Norway is the home of some of earth's finest scientists" she explained.

"I see" Vlad said, calmly. He then twisted half of the bottom part off, revealing it to possess a cuplike form. "So the Vikings, who were essentially predatory barbarians with a knack for tall tales eventually changed and became valued members of a modern international society..." he then summarized.

While she obviously took some offense at her ancestors being called 'predatory barbarians with a knack for tall tales', she nodded. "That is a crude way of putting it, but I suppose you could say that" she responded.

Vlad then detached the part that was immediately attached to the middle section of the device. As he did so, a rich aroma of arabica coffee was released. He then spoke again. "If the Vikings managed this feat, why couldn't the Wraith?" he then said handing her the first cup of coffee.

She took a look at Vlad, but did not answer. After a pause, a crack of a smile formed on the corners of her mouth. She remained in silent contemplation, but accepted the proffered cup of coffee.

Vlad smiled. There was a small victory in that, he thought to himself as he screwed his own cup onto the coffee machine and pressed the button.

- Team B

Viggo and the geologist had finished their assignment. "Major Howlett, Captain Conrade."

Howlett, here."

"We've completed our rock collecting and we are heading back to base camp." Conrade said.

Understood. When you get back begin the sample analysis.

"Can't wait to start that, sir." Viggo said sarcastically.

We will be back at the base within the hour. Oh, and when we get there I have a video of the local Fauna you have to see.

"I hope it's more interesting then walking around looking at rocks." Viggo replied.

I am sure a Dire Bear Hunt would qualify. Right?"

"Finally, something to see on this planet." Viggo said while heading back to camp. So far this trip was overly boring for him. He thought it would have been better to scout it and then send a scientific team through later.

- Day 3 -

Howlett and Viggo were watching the video that Granger took of what has come to be called a Dire Bear.

"What do you think Captain?"

"It'll be an interesting hunt, sir." Viggo said. He then looked over at Vlad. "Since, I'd recommend keeping this hunting party small, you, me and as much as I hate to say, Vlad."

James glanced over at their Wraith team mate for a moment.

Vlad gave a toothy grin to the two men, but said nothing.

"Hope your right. But this will be extremely dangerous."

"Sir, I was raised hunting. You're a solider and Vlad, well he's a Wraith."

While his eyes flared for a moment as tho he were about to speak, Vlad maintained silence. There would be other times.

James walked away and came before the group in the early twilight hours.

"Alright everyone it is day three time to get ready to go home. Granger you will over see the breakdown of the camp. If Captain Viggo, Vlad and I are not back by 1200 you are to dial-up the Gate and Head home."


"You got this Lieutenant."

James opened up the weapons crate and pulled out a EG-X1 for each member of the hunting party along with a FN-4G.

"OK, Gentlemen. You know what we are hunting. I want an undamaged trophy for Colonel Webb. We have 6 hours to track and execute this Dire Bear. Any questions?"

"Is it your intention to eat that creature?" Vlad asked.

"No, we will not be eating it." James stated turning toward the Wraith.

"And here I thought the Wraith were supposed to be the monsters", Vlad replied.

James stood up and looked Vlad in the eyes.

"I also know you hunt."

"We are indeed a race of hunters, sir, but we hunt in order to feed ourselves. We see little point in a hunt without a practical use. We also do not make a habit of using the severed heads of our prey as conversation pieces or to tie a room together" Vlad concluded, picking up his gear.

"That might be true, Vlad." Viggo said, "But the Wraith have runners, and some of your people enjoy hunting them as a sport. You can be real stealth like and that'll come in handy. I'm sure that you're able to track."

"We may not be eating it. But I said nothing of killing it, hence why I said undamaged. A creature this big is best observed from a safe vantage point. When we have learned what we can we will return it to the wild. Also, It had a collar which means it is a pet. If we find the owner it can lead to better relations with the natives.

Grinning, Vlad inspected his weapon then decided to leave it behind. The spear weapon he carried on his back would prove more useful. "I suppose we have different definitions of 'trophies' then".

Captain Conrade turned to his team and said, "Team 2, keep them safe." He then turned back to the Major and checked his weapons, "All set sir."

"Lets, go."

- Granger at Camp -

(Granger show us what you can do with all the 6 NPCs)

- Huntin' party Two hours later -

James watched the trap. It was a simple chute which lead to a dead end near a watering hole. They had heated a few MREs and thrown them in and where waiting in the cross fire.


The howl come in the distance but had been getting closer for the last ten minutes.

"Anyone feel like becoming bait if this does not entice him?"

"Do you think this thing likes Wraith?" Viggo said with a smile.

James looked over at Vlad.

"Oh I'm sure it'd find me just as unpalatable as anyone else might..." Vlad replied with a smirk.

The creature bounded over the ridge and was sniffing the air. It had obviously caught the scent of the MREs and was moving toward the trap. It paused at the entrance and then moved in slowly. Coming to a stop over the MREs and cautiously licked the first one, leading to it being swatted away.

"Well we all feel that way about the Eggs and Ham." James smiled.

The creature took a bite of the second one and then started to go at the meal. James jumped down and moved a few meters in front of the animal. With any luck someone would block the exit and the other would instinctively go for the cross fire.

James aimed his RG-X1 and pulled the trigger as fast as he could the Particle Magnum discharged the Red Intar round. The weapon would not kill but would incapacitate. Which it did not do.

Viggo had left his hiding spot and covered the other exit, weapon up and activated the laser sight. He didn't want to accidentally hit a team member he thought to himself. But as he looked through the sight, he saw Vlad. He knew that this animal was the mission, but he couldn't seem to stop aiming his weapon at the species that brought an end to the Satedan people.

"Guys." James yelled as the Dire bear raised up on its rear legs and roared.

Hearing the Major in his earpeice snapped Viggo out of the trance. He turned his gun on the Bear thing and started firing Intar rounds into it.


The three soldiers continued to fire the stun blasts. James was concerned that as soon as the "bear" gained its grounds things could get ugly. This changed as the bear roared and came down on top of James. He could feel her whole weight on him and it was restricting his breathing. However the animal was not fighting anymore.

"Guys I think he is down." Taking as deep of a breath as possible. ".....Now get over here and get it off of me."

Viggo slid the rifle onto his back and ran over to help the Major out from under the bear.

Vla added his strenght to Viggo's and James was quickly able to get to his feet.

- One hour later -

James, Viggo and Vlad came into sight of the gate at the tree line. The Dire Bear was out cold and weight what felt like a ton. They came up to the DHD and saw Dr. Granger waiting for them.


"Just open the damn gate." James growled at the young Lieutenant.


The Device flared to life and the vortex settled. James was doing all he could to make it up the steps and through the gate.

"Sir, you should go to Medical when we get back. You look like crap." Viggo said.

-Milfgard -

The Last four members of the team stepped through James rolled the Animal off his back and looked up at Colonel Webb.

"Good...."Looking at the Chonometer for a second "....Morning ,Sir. Teams one and Two present you with a gift from our first mission to Landvættir, Land of the Beasts."

James was leaned over huffing this had been the longest he had trekked with a large animal in all his years of hunting.

"Welcome Back. Glad you found time to go hunting." Webb replied. He then called up more security and ordered that the Bear be taken to a containment room. "Did you all bring back some food for that thing?" Webb said with a smile.

(Granger/Vlad/Viggo. Finish it so we can get on with the reall mission Webb has planned.)

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