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Unexpected Activation

Posted on Wed Nov 23rd, 2016 @ 8:04am by Colonel Mike Webb & Sergeant Major Ryan Forge

Mission: Life on Midgard
Location: Stargate Operations

Colonel Webb was still organizing his office. He wanted people to know who he was but at the same time, he wanted people to be able to relax. He was in the middle of hanging the SGC Logo up on the wall when an alarm went off. It was a higher pitch shrill that hurt his ears. He ran out of his office and into the control room demanding answers.

"Sir, offstation activation." a scientist said.

"Sergeant Forge." Webb said into the radio, "Off station activation."

Sergeant Forge came out of the conference room and immediately started sending out orders over the radio to his security teams. Within moments, The entire upper tier had security personnel on it with their weapons trained on the gate.

After the Whoosh of the gate, the Iris closed and the shield was activated. Forge walked over to the Colonel and handed him one of the assault rifles. "Not our team, sir?"

"They're not scheduled for several more hours." Webb replied and then looked back towards the scientist. "Are receiving any signal?"

"No, Colonel. But I don't understand how anyone could have this address. The station was built for us, and that means the Asgard would have put a gate here. No one but us should have this address."

"What about the crew of Asgard . We still don't know what happened to them." Forge said.

"They know to send their GDO Code when dialing a gate."

A moment later, Petra entered operations. "What's going on Colonel?"

"Someone has dialed us." Webb replied and then the gate shut down. Webb then used his radio to tell all teams to stand down and handed the weapon back to Forge.

"Sir, you should keep it in your office. I'll make sure another one makes it to your quarters."


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