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Kevase - Part 1: Briefing

Posted on Thu Apr 27th, 2017 @ 11:54pm by Colonel Mike Webb & Major James Howlett & Civilian Petra Kerr & Civilian Vlad

Mission: Mission #2 - SGM 1

Col Webb had scheduled the next away mission for two days after the teams returned from the first one. He wanted everyone to have a chance to relax. Now, it was back to the business at hand. The briefing was set to start at 0900, just a few minutes away.

Petra entered the conference room with a large mug of coffee. She was happy that Earth was able to send them with enough. She sat near the Colonel and read over the data from the probe while waiting for SGM-1 to arrive.

Vlad made a silent entrance, his attention set on a small object in the palm of his right hand. As he took a seat, he placed on the table a figurine of an unnaturally pale human in a cloak. The character had wildly exaggerated canines for a human.

Vlad did acknowledge the Colonel and Petra, if distractedly, his attention quickly returning to the strange figure.

James was the last one to enter the room with a travel mug in hand. Taking his seat next to the Colonel.

"Sorry, the coffee is better in the Enlisted mess."

Vlad lookup up, hearing the comment then nodded enthusiastically. For a moment, then returning to his thoughts.

"Ladies and gentleman, the computer has given us another address to check out. We've sent a probe through already and the information is available on your pads. From what we can see, there appear to be buildings about a mile or two from the gate. Your mission is first Recon and intel. If possible, contact and diplomacy. Questions?"

"What sort of buildings? Can the readings tell? Are we talking tents? Mud houses? Shacks? Concrete? Buildings is plural. Many buildings? A Hamlet? A town? A City?" Vlad asked, his eyes never leaving the tiny figure.

"From what Colonel Webb showed me it appears to be a full fledge town. So First Contact Protocols will be in effect"

"What we can see," Webb said activating the viewer and zooming in to rooks at about the tree line, "are roofs. Some type of a ceramic or clay shingle."

"That should be interesting" Vlad replied distractedly, but still acknowledging the answers he had received.

"When do we leave?" James said before taking a sip of the acrid drink.

"As soon as you finish the coffee and get your gear together. I figure thirty minutes." Webb said.

"Good luck out there." Petra said.

"Miss Kerr, I am sure you might like to join us on a little First Contact. After all better to be greeted by a Civvy than a Soldier?"

Petra looked up and said, "I've had my share of combat. I will agree to meet with any new race as is my duty being a representative of the IOA. But first contact is usually left to the gate teams."

"If you say so." James lifted the cup and swallowed the black tar. "Lets move people."


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