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Plans for the Station

Posted on Tue Sep 12th, 2017 @ 10:45pm by Colonel Mike Webb & Captain Viggo Conrade & Sergeant Major Ryan Forge & 1st Lieutenant Jarkko Jokinen & Civilian Petra Kerr & 2nd Lieutenant Antonio Colderini & 2nd Lieutenant Thomas Lasky & Staff Sergeant Sam Franks & Sergeant Meagan Rice & Civilian Elsa Johansen D.Sc.

Mission: Mission #2 - SGM 1
Location: Main Conference Room

Petra Kerr had set up another conference for right after the mission briefing for Team 1. This group would consist of those who would be staying on the station or that have duel roles. Sadly for her, some of them were military.

Col. Webb re-entered the conference room after watching Team 1 travel through the Gate. He moved towards where Petra sat and sat next to her. "So since we've gotten through the first offworld mission, you want to start doing more work on the base and you need my help since most everyone else is military, right?"

In the following minutes, more and more of the many chairs around the conference table found occupants. First Lieutenant Lasky, then moments later Staff Sgt. Franks joined them. Dr. Johansen was all smiles when she came in with Sgt. Rice.

Jarkko appeared through the door, apparently a little disoriented. He had been on the station for only a few hours. He was wearing the Finnish duty grays, which made him stand out a little in this company of Civilians and US officers. Placing the heavy folder he carried under his arm on the table, he nodded to the assembled, exchanged short pleasantries in Norwegian with Dr. Johansen, and with some effort, in the Satedan language with Cpt. Conrade to lesser success, but at least a decent effort was made. He then poured himself a coffee and waited for the meeting to begin.

"Thank you all for coming." Webb said and then continued, "Our first offworld mission was a succes. Now, we need to start getting to work on this station. We need to figure out how to run this station and how to defend it if necessary. Captain Conrade, I''ve been told that you have knack for learning how to fly things. We have some fighters I want to to learn.

"Forge, set security around the gate at all times and various places near the control room. Captain Jokinen, how's your Asgard?"

"I have had time to familiarize myself with the language, sir. If I can help in any way to map out the defense and life support systems, let me know" Jokinen replied.

"Lt Colderini, I need you to start learning operations - environmental controls. We don't want our life support to fail and have no one know how to fix it."

"Yes, Sir!, I have a few ideas that could help about that. If everything runs as expected the only concern that we will have is to select the temperature of the base" Colderino replied with an open smile.

"Staff Sergeant Lasky, work with Forge and make sure that all command level staff know where the armories are and make sure that they know how to use the new weapons that we have."

"Yes, Colonel." Lasky replied.

"If I might ask..." Jarkko chimed in, "I have read the briefing notes of Gate Team one current mission. Are we in any condition to receive a diplomatic delegation should first contact be a success?"

"For the time being," Webb said, "First contact is left to the gate teams. After that, it'll be up to Kerr and I and any other people that we feel that we need. Any other question or concerns?"


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