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Beginning of a new expedition

Posted on Fri Oct 28th, 2016 @ 4:10am by Colonel Mike Webb & Sergeant Major Ryan Forge & Major James Howlett & Civilian Petra Kerr & Staff Sergeant Sam Franks

Mission: Trip through the Gate
Location: SGC -> Midgard Base
Timeline: Ongoing for initial Midgard Team

Colonel Webb stood in the control room behind the technicians and next to General Oneill.
"Are you ready, Colonel?" The general asked.
"Yes sir!"
"Sgt, dial it up and let's get them on their way." Oneill said and then turned towards Webb, "Good luck to you all."
Webb saluted the General and then left the control room. He entered the Gateroom and nodded to Forge.

"Ladies and Gentlemen of the Midgard Expedition, can I have your attention. You all know the drill, you've been through the gate before, but let me remind you. We are sending a M.A.L.P. through, and once we get the green light, we'll proceed through. Once on the other side, get to the side. If someone needs help, then do your best.
"Sgt Forge and I will go through first. Then everyone else."

James was standing off to the side with the rest of the Gate teams. He was in command of those that would do the exploring in the Asgards galaxy. At the moment the teams would include just the eight Gate Team members with him.

The inner ring of the gate started to spin, the chevrons locked the coordinate in. When the Eighth symbol locked, the wormhole formed. The M.A.L.P. rolled up to the gate and went through first. Within a minute, General Oneill's voice came over the PA, "Midgard Expedition, you have a go."

Webb and Forge walked towards the Gate with their P-90s at the ready.

Petra Kerr grabbed her bags and walked towards the Stargate and then counted to five before proceeding through.

James watched the Expedition Commander disentigrate through the Naquadah ring.

"Listen boys. we all know the risks. Everyone of us is the best there is at what we do. We will be on the front line and making first contact. Diplomacy before combat. However, our primary objective is to make relations and obtain useful technology. Understood?"

James listened to the affirmatives from the different branches represented.

"Excellent, let move out." James lead the way through the Gate with his FN P-90 at the ready.


Webb exited the gate, keeping his weapon up and swept from side to side, looking for anything that could be dangerous. when he found nothing, he continued to walk forward. "Forge, check out the immediate area."

Kerr re-materialized on the otherside and moved off to the side and dropped her bags. She then walked back towards the gate to help with people coming through.

James came through stopping ten paces from the Gate looking over at the Expedition commander he nodded and then signaled to the Gate teams to pair off and start a local exploration of the area to augment Sergeant Forges Teams.

"Sergeant Forge, Gate Teams One and Two are joining your Searches. Howlett Out."

Colonel Webb looked around the gateroom. Above them were other rooms that overlooked the Gate. He led a group up the steps to what appeared to be the control room. The whole layout reminded him of the Atlantis layout. And he knew that Daedalus had an Asgard onboard at one point. If the Asgard really designed and left them this station, they might have wanted it to seem familiar with them. "All search teams, let's not make the same mistakes that the original Atlantis team made. General search to confirm that the immediate area is safe."

Sgt Forge issued orders to his security teams and went back to stay near the Colonel and oversee the rest of the expedition arriving.

Colonel Webb changed the channel on his radio to the SGC frequency, "General Oneill, this is Colonel Webb, Midgard Station is under our control."

a large bottle of champagne rolled through the gate a moment before it closed.


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