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Hanger deck

Posted on Wed Nov 16th, 2016 @ 8:32pm by Major James Howlett & Colonel Mike Webb & Captain Viggo Conrade & 1st Lieutenant Alexandria Granger MD & Civilian Vlad

Mission: Trip through the Gate

James walked out of the XO office and through the command center to the Armoury. After a few moments he came out with a heavy back pack and headed toward the lift.

"Major, any particular reason for that bag?" Webb asked.

"Don't worry Colonel, We are just going to unlock the Hanger deck."

"Understood, but that bag is marked EOD." Webb replied.

"If we can not open it with the scanner we will either use technology. Our last resort will have a little more kick to it.

"Just remember, this is our home and we'll want to close those doors again." Webb said and then called Vlad. "Vlad, Webb,"

Vlad came in through over the radio. There was a voice in the background reciting greetings in the Asgard language. "Chief Engineer Vlad. What's up?"

"What's your location? Can you meet us on the hanger deck?"

"Currently on deck 9 with Dr. Granger " Vlad explained sounding uncharacteristically upbeat. "I've found the perfect location to set up the R&D lab. We'll be meeting you on the hangar deck in short order. Vlad out."

- Outside Fighter Hanger -

James looked at those before him a total of three Humans, A Satedan and a Wraith. He studied the scanner for a moment.

"I am going to guess that the Asgard have not accounted for Wraith or Satedan DNA. So we are going to try a round table for access....." James tossed the backpack to Conrade " Viggo, Get a shaped charge ready. Lieutenant place your hand on that scanner and I will take this one."

Moving over to the console Granger took her hand and pressed it against the panel and waited.

Viggo leaned against the far wall and watched. He knew very little about the Asgard and decided to watch. He also wanted to stay back and keep an eye on the Wraith.

The indicator above the door indicated one green and one red light. James looked toward the Medical officer.

Giving a smile and a shrug Granger said. "Works for me."

"I am guessing that means one of us is acceptable. Colonel, if you would take my place, Please?"

"My pleasure." Webb replied.

This time one Light was green again.

"Colonel, I guess the only one worthy is Miss Granger."

"Lucky her."

Looking over at the Colonel, Alex lifted a brow, "I can make myself scarce you know." She teased.

"Vlad, If you would be so kind as to attempt to bypass the other half."

Vlad, figuring his DNA was at least partly human might actually make it work. He nodded and applied his palm to the device to no avail, then started removing the panel and looking into the unfamiliar circuitry...

The scanner burst into a shower of sparks as the hack caused a feed back in the system and blew out the secondary locking mechanism followed by a loud thunk as magnetic locks kicked in.

When the sparks began to fly the Doctor stepped back just in case. The last thing they needed was an injured Doctor. "Everyone ok?" She asked in that doctorly way.

"So much for that" Vlad responded, his attention focused on the panel. He then turned to Granger. "All good, I thank you for your concern doctor."

"Good." The Major answered

She gave a nod to him and presumed since no one was flat on their back that everyone else was good.

"Colonel?" James asked for permission.

Webb looked at the Major and said, "Our first day here, and you're already sending sparks in the air and making things harder...." Webb looked at the door and then back to the Major, "Blow it." He then turned to Vlad, "You're first job is to repair the door that he's about to blow up."

Vlad spoke up before the order could be carried out. "Sir... we have not tried to use the transport rings or the beaming device. I am sure one or the other can be found in the hangar. There may be a way to open things up from inside without having to blow up the door and potentially weakening it."

"Good idea Vlad, Major, try that first."

"Yes, Sir." James pulled the brick from his utility belt and keyed it up. "Howlett to to Command Center."

Command here, Major

Static returned when the Command center stopped transmitting.

"See if you can transport a dummy load into Fighter Hanger One."


A moment later command returned over the airwaves.

Major Howlett to Command.

"Howlett here."

Sir, the load was vaporized upon attempted materialization.

"Thank you, Howlett out." Looking back to the senior officer "Sir?"

"I'll walk..." was all that she said.

"Major, do what you need to to get us in there." Webb said and then turned to everyone else, "We'd better get back around the corner."

"Viggo, snake line along the edges. I want to blow the magnetic locks and leave the door functional.'

"Got it, sir" Viggo said.

James took the C4 and made a long snake, placing it along the edge and leading toward where his line would meet in the middle.

"All set here, sir." Viggo said standing up and backing up to look at the work. He then bent back down to make a slight adustment.

Pulling out a TR detonator James slapped it in the top center of the door embedded it into the claylike material. He then walked around the corner and looked at those assembled.

"Lieutenant." Tossing the remote detonator to the young doctor. "The honour is yours."

James nodded to Viggo as he drew his sidearm as a precaution.

Without thinking, Granger took the device and spoke loudly. "On the count of five." Then she started to count slowly then she added. "Clear!" seconds before she depressed the explosives.

The C4 detonated with a loud bang that resonated through the corridor. James lead the way in with Conrade close on his tail. He saw the door was sitting in its tracks at a slight angle.

"Vlad, If you would make sure the doors are released and then open them as you are the strongest here."

Vlad inspected the heavy doors carefully before proceeding to pull them apart. Through a herculean effort, he managed to create a passage large enough for a humanoid to make his or her way through.

James stepped through and saw the Fighters before them their leek forms reflective opaque cockpits. Suddenly a voice spoke in the soft commanding accent of the Asgard speech.

Egaugnal dna fles ruoy yfitnedi. Noitanimretxe ruoy ot dael lliw ylpmoc ot eruliaf.

Webb pulled his sidearm out, feeling safer with it in his hands. "Anyone?"

Shaking her head, the young woman wasn't quite versed enough yet in Asgard.

Vlad, still winded from the effort couldn't help laughing. "I... I figured it would come in handy at some point, but so soon? It's asking who we are.... and then something else." he said with a smile. "Htrae morf sgniteerg!" he then said loudly to make sure he is heard. "Hope that works because that's all I got..."

dezingocer ton Htrae. Egaugnal dna Asgard ni yfitnedi.

From the cargo pockets of his work pants, Vlad produced his tablet. He then started his Asgard language training program. "Translate this: I am Vlad. We are From Earth. We speak english". While the translation was computed, he handed the tablet to Dr. Granger. "If that doesn't work, try variations on a theme or have it translate whatever it says next" he then said, looking for the provenance of the voice, or a computer terminal from which he could attempt to shut down the security system.

Taking the tablet, Alex gave a nod and began to work on the translations.

James watched the ceiling mounted weapons track each member of the team and noticed a thin red line, in contrast to the Asgardin norms of light grey, in a semi-circle to the doorway. reaching into his pocket he pulled out a pen and throw it on the floor over the line. The response was immediate as the weapons locked on and vaporized the inanimate object. This cause James to step away from the line.

"Guys, how hard can this be. It is a verbal code that the Asgard knew our limited intelligence would figure out and others would not. It has to be a single word in their language and ours." looking back at the rest of the group.

Webb stayed behind cover and looked at the team. "Didn't anybody study the origins of the Norse Religion before coming here." He stood up and walked out of cover, saying loud enough for the computer, "We are from Midgard." Mike was really hoping that he was right about this, otherwise it would be a bad end for him.

The Weapons retracted into the ceiling and the voice came over the air again.

"Welcome, to Midgard station. It appear the people of your world have found our little gift. Please stand by.

A white beam shone and moved across the group.

You have all been give full access to Midgard Station. If you require any assistance I will be available. You need only to call my name, Baldur. These vessel have been created with your species in mind. They are the most advanced fighters ever created.

Webb turned to face his expedition, "Now that we are in, Vlad - see to repairs and examining one of the fighters as time permits. Major - see to your team, I'm guessing that you've picked out the members of it by now or at least have a good idea. Same with you Captain Conrade. We'll send team 1 and 2 tomorrow to seperate worlds after we determine the status of the gates. Until then, you all are dismissed."

As people dispersed, Vlad remained behind to evaluate the damage to the door and to determine which pieces would need to be replaced. The fighters would apparently have to wait until tomorrow, considering the work he still had to do in the R&D labs.

Webb noticed Vlad inspecting the damage. "Vlad, if it helps we have material that we brought with us to build an Iris. Since there's a shield and an Iris already on the gate, you can use what we brought."


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